24 Stones 4 Pounds

And so, yesterday was weigh in number two, after a dodgy and emotional week, where losing weight was the last thing on my mind.

Weigh In 2: 24 Stones 4 Pounds – Total Weight Loss 2.5lb


I think it’s fair to say that I have ‘got away with it’ on my first week.  Probably down to the fact that while I was drinking, I wasn’t really eating!  Whatever the reason, I’m delighted to have secured a small loss, and I’m feeling really motivated for the next week.

This weekend was supposed to be a special weekend for Sasha and I, and had planned to head to London for a meal at La Caprice, seeing Glengarry Glen Ross and then cocktails at The Savoy!  A real treat day to celebrate a year together. I did think about it throughout the day, but tried hard to busy myself by staying to group, de-sasharing my apartment and cooking something healthy to eat.  Here is my effort at an on plan Mac & Cheese!


The ironic thing is that if our trip to London had happened, it would have been boozy and foodie, so maybe this is all for the best?  Don’t think that this is me starting to see the light here readers, I am still not good, still in love, still hurting, missing her like crazy and frightened about the future, but I think I might just have a healthy focus on getting in shape.  We’ll see.  I face three big danger zones in the next two days.  Hosting customers at The O2, staying in a hotel and spending a day at Head Office.  All of those things have been known to derail my daily efforts at sticking to plan, however, I have taken the time to try and plan for these today, rather than just rolling in without a strategy.

If this is to succeed.  I absolutely have to understand that sacrifices have to be made and changes have to take place.

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