It’s A Tough Week…

Write more about getting lighter and less about getting over?  Ha!  Who was I kidding when I wrote that?

This morning two parcels arrived from her, sending back the jewellery and the underwear that i’d bought for her…  Ouch!  I mean, I’m not a rich man, but I worked hard to buy her Tiffany and Agent Provocateur!  I wanted her to have the best.  She meant that much.  Now it’s back with me…

She left me so unexpectedly that I am left here, still in love, lonely and grieving.  I had no idea it was coming…

So weight loss readers, I write this week off, will weigh in on Saturday expecting a gain, then dig deep, get strong, and try to start loving myself, and getting stuck into some healthy eating, but Man, heartbreak readers will understand that I feel broken right now, and I think I finally, truly understand the meaning of broken.

My self esteem and self worth are through the floor.  I am doubting myself at every turn.  This is not going to be an easy journey, but I still believe, somewhere deep down that I can recover…  And because I’ve said it, I will.

It should be noted that this post was written under the influence of Goose Island beer and self pity.

Hahaha!  There is always humour in the truth.

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