24 Stones 6.5 Pounds

Hello.  Thanks for visiting my blog.  If you’ve reached here, you’ve probably taken a wrong turn somewhere, as I am not, and have no intention of advertising this page or trying to convince anyone to follow any particular product or scheme.  It is first and foremost for myself, but now you are here, why not stick around for a while?  This first post will hopefully tell you everything you need to know, about why I am writing this and what my motivations are to write things down.

Weigh In 1:  24 Stones 6.5 Pounds  –  Chest 51″   Waist 58″   Hips 54″

Hi.  My name is Adam.  I’m 45 and I live in Birmingham, England.  Nice to meet you.  Here is a picture of Sasha and I.  It’s a nice holiday snap at the Trevi Fountain in Rome.  Lovely.  Last week, Sasha finished our relationship.  We had been together for a year.  Why?  I had gained weight.  Why?  Her attraction for me had gone.  Why?  Once the attraction had gone, the love vanished too.  Wow!  I can only imagine that this is what being hit by a train feels like.  It took me my whole life to find such a compatible partner, and someone I considered to be my soul mate and my future.  I’ve cried and i’ve screamed and i’ve been angry.  I’ve tried to win her back, said some things that I shouldn’t and probably haven’t given her enough space. All the things that men do after a break up, right?  But Man, this is hurting like nothing I’ve ever known before, and from being outgoing, confident and happy, I am now withdrawn, quiet and full of self loathing.  Honestly?  I repulse myself.  The photo at the top of the page is the last photo of us together.  We loved a selfie!  Ha!


It should be said for perspective that I weighed 24 stones when we started seeing each other, but then I lost weight and was below 21 stones when this photo was taken.  Then as our social life got more social, and my working hours got longer, it started to creep back on, slowly but surely.  I also gave up smoking six months ago, have a job that involves me driving hundreds of miles and sitting in front of a laptop for many hours.  These are NOT excuses however.  I am the master of myself, but these are factors in my struggle, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve always struggled.

It’s maybe too late for Sasha and I (well let’s explore that at another time…) but this has been the wake up call that you hear people talk about.  The moment when your life changes, and I WILL lose weight.  I WILL take control.  For my health and happiness, life and love.  And so, the reason I am going to be blogging about it, is that every business manual I have ever read says that if you write things down, it happens.  Every self help book I’ve ever read (and it isn’t many) says that keeping a journal helps your focus too.  Put those two things together and you have my blog.  I want to be painfully truthful and objective about myself in here too.  Why lie to myself and my blog, so prepare for the odd awkward over sharing moment!  Yes, it’s about a life changing weight loss journey, but also health, love and happiness and anything else that crops up on this heartbreaking adventure.  Can I lose weight?  Can I change my life?  Will I get the girl?  Stay tuned…


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